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If you see a book you would like to review, make your request to Book Review Editor.

REVIEW POLICY: Because of problems with a few reviewers, there is a strict review policy. Those asking to review these books are thereby agreeing to this policy. Reviewers who do not return reviews to me according to schedule will be given three options:

  1. provide a review,
  2. pay the going rate for the book so we can replace it, or
  3. send the book back to the book review editor ASAP.

Last update 20 May, 2016
Reviewers needed for:

Wild Harvest: Plants in the Hominin and Pre-Agrarian Human Worlds. Hardy, Karen, and Lucy Kubiak-Martens, eds. 2016. Oxbow Books, Oxford, U.K., and Havertown, PA. xii + 372 pp. (paperback). USD 48.00. ISBN 978-1-78570-123-8.

Ethnobotany of Mexico. Interactions of People and Plants in Mesoamerica. Lira, Rafael, Alejandro Casas, and José Blancas, eds. Springer, New York. xvi + 560 pp. (hardcover). USD XXX. ISBN 978-1-4614-6668-0.

Ethnobotany of the Coos, Lower Umpqua, and Siuslaw Indians. Phillips, Patricia Whereat. 2016. Oregon State University Press, Corvallis. xvi + 147 pp. (paperback). USD 22.95. ISBN 978-0-87071-852-6.

Plants with Anti-Diabetes Mellitus Properties. Subramoniam, Appian. 2016. CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL. xiv + 591 pp. (hardcover). USD XXX. ISBN 978-1-4822-4989-7.

Flora of Florida, volume II. Dicotyledons, Cabombaceae through Geraniaceae. Wunderlin, Richard P., and Bruce F. Hansen. 2015. University Press of Florida, Gainesville. x + 385 pp. (hardcover). USD 69.95. ISBN 978-0-8130-6066-8.