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SEB Student Committee

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any of us – about SEB and the student group in general, opportunities or resources you would like to see us work with the SEB Council to make possible, or about our individual research!

We hail from diverse programs worldwide, and hope our diverse perspectives will increase student involvement in Economic Botany, broadly defined.

Aja Grande
Student Representative

Aja GrandeAja is a public scholar of civic infrastructures and land ecologies as spaces of subject formation. She is a Ph.D. student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the department of History, Anthropology, Science, Technology & Society (HASTS). Her research looks at emergent forms of living among built environments in twentieth and twenty-first century Hawai’i. Her scholarship embraces writing, documentary filmmaking, and multimedia exhibitions for community engagement.

While completing her B.A. in Science and Society (2018) from Brown University, she founded and ran the Ethnobotany Society at Brown (Spring, 2017) for students to explore the relationship between people and plants in Providence, Rhode Island. Born and raised on the island of O’ahu in Hawai’i, she has been gifted with an obligation to raise awareness about and sustain mindful relations with the ‘āina (that which feeds).

Karsten Fatur
Student Representative-Elect to the SEB Council

Karsten FaturKarsten is a PhD student at the university of Ljubljana whose research focuses on medicinal and hallucinogenic plant usage in Europe, with special focus on the Solanaceae. His interests lie not only in current plant use, but also past traditions as well as ritual, folklore, and worldviews, as well as the various overlapping regions of these concepts.

Ghita Heidt
Graduate Ambassador

Ghita HeidtGhita is a graduate candidate at Florida State University in the Department of Anthropology. Her interests center around on Ethnobotany, and in particularly the conservation of plants of both biological and cultural importance.

Jason Irving
Graduate Ambassador

Jason IrvingAfter studying a BA International Politics, Jason worked for two years as full-time forager. He then moved to London to study for a BSc in Herbal Medicine, and set up his own business leading walks through London parks on the plant identification and wild foods. Following this, he worked for several years at Kew Gardens on a database of medicinal plant names. Jason will soon begin postgraduate study at Kent with an MSc in Ethnobotany, and then a PhD in the harvesting of wild plants in Jamaica to supply the trade to the UK.

Matthew Bond
Graduate Ambassador

Matthew BondMatthew is a PhD candidate at the University of Hawai’i at Manoa interested in ethnobotany of Oceania. He is primarily interested in why people use certain plant species and plant parts medicinally, rather than others, and tests how the people, plants, and illnesses around you affect your medicinal plant knowledge. He has extensive fieldwork experiences, and just returned from a summer experience in the Solomon Islands.