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Economic Botany 2015 - Jun 29 to July 2 - Abstract Submission


Presentation Type and Award Eligibility

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Poster presentation
Oral Presentation
Oral or Poster Presentation**
** Please note that there are a limited number of oral presentation slots available this year. We will try to accommodate requests for oral presentations, however, please consider the option of a poster. We will be implementing a dynamic series of poster sessions, centered on conference themes, and all poster presenters will give a 1-minute, 1-slide intro to their poster on the stage before their respective session.

Posters should be no more than 3-4 ft wide by 2-3 feet tall. They should be lightweight enough to be attached to walls or mobile vertical supports with pins, putty, or tape. The lecture hall will be provided with a slide projector, a LCD projector, and a microphone.

Morton Award (best poster presentation)
Fulling Award (best oral presentation)
Morton Award (best poster presentation)
Fulling Award (best oral presentation)

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Guidelines for Abstract Content:

Guidelines for Abstract Content:
The abstract will have two sections, divided into two paragraphs. The first paragraph will clearly address the background, question and methods. The objective of the study should be clearly identified and the methods described. The second paragraph will address specific results of the study. These should be explicitly reported and their implications for ethnobotany briefly discussed.

• The title is limited to 255 characters (about 15 words).
• Abstracts should not exceed the limit of 350 words.
• Clarity of language is important. Abstracts must use standard English and follow English syntax, grammar, and punctuation rules.
• Please include up to 5 keywords; these should not include any words from the title.
• Authors have the option of including up to three references

Individual confirmation of paper/poster acceptance will be sent to the presenting author.

Abstract Content

15 word limit

For example, Jane Doe

Ex. Department of Botany, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, York University, New York, NY, USA

Not to exceed 400 words. Divide into 2 paragraphs: 1) background/question/methods; and 2) results/discussion.

Up to 5. Do not include words already in the title.

You may include up to three reference citations.

For example, Jane Doe




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