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Fostering research and education on the past, present, and future uses of plants by people.

We are excited to announce the following workshops that will take place on Tueday, May 31, 2022. All workshops have a cost of $20USD which can be added during your registration. You can also click here and choose "Modify Registration" if you have already completed your registration and wish to add a workshop.


PRESENTER: Trish Flaster
TITLE: Non Academic job opportunities
SHORT DESCRIPTION: A 1.5 hour workshop. Academic positions are not the only gainful employment for economic botanists and ethnobotanists, Meet SEB professionals speaking about their nonacademic jobs.
DATE: Tuesday 31st May 11.15

PRESENTER: Christina Horvath
TITLE: Botanical Encounters: The use of arts-based methods to decolonise botanical imagination
SHORT DESCRIPTION: A 1.5 hour workshop in which participants will familiarise themselves with arts-based Co-Creation methods and explore through drawing, collaging and discussion the multiple cultural meanings of a set of plants relevant to and affected by colonial legacies and Eurocentric hierarchies in knowledge production.
DATE: Tuesday 31st May 11.15


PRESENTER: Sonia Dhanda
TITLE: CITES and plants: understanding wildlife trade policy
SHORT DESCRIPTION: A 3 hour interactive workshop that will provide an in-depth understanding of the Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species (CITES). The outcomes will be learning about the scientific decision-making processes underpinning CITES and how the sustainability of species in trade is determined.
DATE: Tuesday 31st May 15.00

PRESENTER: Marc Williams
TITLE: Botanical Beverage Fermentation, Formulation and Evaluation
SHORT DESCRIPTION: A 3 hour interactive workshop in which the initiation of a mead from local flora will include discussion of a 100 spp. plant list to illustrate trends in American/Caribbean drink production. We will then taste Jamaican tonics and others from the facilitator while using rubrics to evaluate the organoleptics.
DATE: Tuesday 31st May 15.00

PRESENTER: Natty Mark Samuels
TITLE: Grandmothers and Griots
SHORT DESCRIPTION: A 3 hour interactive workshop, celebrating the trees of African and Caribbean Folklore, including two creative writing exercises and participatory chanting.
DATE: Tuesday 31st May 15.00

Please note that workshops are not available for virtual registrants.