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About Student Membership

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Welcome to the Society for Economic Botany Student page! 

SEB student membership is open to both undergraduate and graduate students interested in ethnobotany, ethnoecology, economic botany, or related fields who are official members of the Society for Economic Botany. For information about membership, please see the SEB membership page available here. Our aim is to build a professional network for students through facilitating exchange on ethnobotany-related education and research, and by providing information for prospective students interested in these fields. 

The SEB student page is designed and maintained by the SEB student committee. It includes biographies of the current SEB student committee, SEB-sponsored awards for students, and general information including: funding opportunities, fieldwork supply recommendations, ethnobotany graduate programs, and ethnobotany short courses.

In addition to the information accessible here, students are also invited to join the SEB student facebook page. To join the facbook page, please follow the link here. We also have an awesome student-run blog discussing research, recent publications, and serving to network student ethnobotanists to one another and to the public! To read and/or subscribe, click here.

Please don’t hesitate to contact current student committee members with any questions or suggestions for the website. We are aware of the difficulties of pursuing ethnobotany as a course of study, so we encourage prospective students in particular to contact us – we are happy to share information about our programs as well as programs at other universities.